Only for Carrie (Awards stuff!!)



Hello all!  As you know,(some of you may not!) I am not a big fan of the awards stuff.  I believe awards should come from doing something and not as things to be passed around. (I know, you are thinking I am a grumpy, old curmudgeon!)

But when I got this award and looked at the page where I was nominated, I was deeply humbled and honored.  I write this blog so others like me can connect.  The hardest thing I have to accomplish every  day is to connect with the world, with reality.

But from and for Carrie,  who walks the talk, I accept the award.  I wont ask or answer questions, but I will name people whose blog I look forward to reading.  These people share their suffering and hope with the world.  I give them this award to say thank you.  Thank you for helping me to connect.

In lieu of the  answering and asking the questions, could you please spend your time reaching out to someone who needs you.

Lots of love….Jim

Here is Carries blog.  She challenges the paradigm more so than anyone else I know.  I applaud her efforts.                      RED hair!!!

mhwgmember2013blogformentalhealth20131finger touching nose of baby123 It is better to seek forgiveness than it is permission

9 thoughts on “Only for Carrie (Awards stuff!!)

  1. Thank you so much, you always make me smile with the comments you say, thank you ❤ you deserve the award ! 🙂 you always listen and are very supportive, thank you again 😀

  2. Thank you again for the support! It means a lot to have at least one person that keeps up with my blog. Have a good day.

  3. aww, Jim, you bring tears to my eyes! This is the perfect way to express your award and I am SO looking forward to checking out these great blogs you recommend. This is the way an award system should be. 😉

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