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“There are those too who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.”

“In many instances we shall find that though the harm done others has not been great, the emotional harm we have done ourselves has. Very deep, sometimes quite forgotten, damaging emotional conflicts persist below the level of consciousness. At the time of these occurrences, they may actually have given our emotions violent twists which have since discolored our personalities and altered our lives for the worse.”  Page 79-80 12 by 12.

“In its severe forms, depression paralyzes all of the otherwise vital forces that make us human, leaving instead a bleak, despairing, desperate, and deadened state. . .Life is bloodless, pulseless, and yet present enough to allow a suffocating horror and pain. All bearings are lost; all things are dark and drained of feeling. The slippage into futility is first gradual, then utter. Thought, which is as pervasively affected by depression as mood, is morbid, confused, and stuporous. It is also vacillating, ruminative, indecisive, and self-castigating. The body is bone-weary; there is no will; nothing is that is not an effort, and nothing at all seems worth it. Sleep is fragmented, elusive, or all-consuming. Like an unstable, gas, an irritable exhaustion seeps into every crevice of thought and action.” Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison.

You have no perspective, no emotional reserves, no faith that it will get better: ( This is one of the best descriptions I have read of depression.

Click to access Individuation-and-Self-Consciousness.pdf     A good description of Jung’s view of our psychological make up.

Related Videos.   One of my favorite people! No better example of what Depression seems like. Music by Billy Joel This is one of the best discussions about the dis-ease.  Dr. Charles Raison stating that depression is not a mental disorder.  Stephen Illardi talks about cultural help for depression. Laura Bain talks about being bi-polar. 19 year old Kevin Breel talks about his depression.   Trauma, trauma, trauma!   Dr. Megan McElheran – Trauma Change Resilience

Eleanor Longden’s awesome account of voices in our heads   The late John O’Donohue talks about the therapy experience.  There is an intro of 50 seconds by another gentleman if you want to forward to just Mr. O’Donohue’s words.  The World Within.  Interview with Carl Jung.  Wonderful thoughts about the psyche! Daniel Mackler’s  youtube address below— a true hero in my view This test, ACE, should be taken by all who suffer from Mental/emotional dis-eases.  I am glad the world is looking at this stuff finally
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