The Root of “IT.”

jokerThere is an underlying factor to depression. 

It is a word, a feeling, and the prism I have looked at the world through. 

You dont have to read this if you dont want to!

catseye3_hst_960If I share this with you,

you will recoil in pain or retreat to thought;

it will wash over you, or you will rail in disagreement;

you will deny it or surrender to its power over you;

shatteryou’ll cry out for relief or search for it’s opposite through whatever means necessary; 

you will seek Ggod, or the demons that fester and foster it;

you will grieve it or rail against your having it;

you’ll accept its power over you or will bluster its existence away;

377618_349222318524549_1376407651_nyou will look at it and into it or you will work  harder to hide it;

you will embrace its disturbing premise or you will continue to die from it.



I sat down and just wrote this one day.  No editing.  Just hit “publish,” like the Lunatic does so perfectly.

100_1607photofinger touching nose of baby


It is better to seek forgiveness  than it is permission.  123


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