“I want to tear down the walls…That hold me inside”

jess-and-oatieSitting here tonight all I can do is play this music as loud as it can go.  I sit here in the dark with only the light of the computer screen to tell me that this is more than the darkness that feels so brutally empty and yet consuming at the same time.
The holidays are always tough for me.  My good friend today acknowledged that I am of service to others during the holidays.  Yes that is true for the most part, but it is out of the hole in my soul because of the condition that I have with my own family.  I haven’t been invited to a family Christmas in over 26 years and they all live within a half hour of where I live.  I don’t know why I am even writing this as it only causes tears to stream down my face as I write the words.
me brad and MariaI understand that these are consequences of being true to who I am and speaking my truth at that time.  But that does not make the emptiness of not being with nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and sisters and brothers any less painful.
‘I wanna reach out…And touch the flame” When was that time in my own life where the flame was present?  No not in the external world but in the inner world.  I cant remember a time right now as I sit here and write this.  I am not saying that there were not moments of life timageshat are so profound that time almost stood still.  But where is that life that is effort and thought less.  Life that is lived out of the intuition that was given to me to help me maneuver through life in a way that is loving and kind instead of out of fear and shame.
‘You gotta scream without raising your voice” It feels like I have a set of shackles that I carry around all the time.  Not a ball and chain necessarily but like a set of weights built into my clothes that makes my feel so heavy all the time.  I know that there are no answers in this writing but the darkness of the Depression is strong and it seems like I cant get out of the shame that usually encompasses times like these.
10435979_946529865387071_546207751560709670_nBut there are actions that I am taking that are about me screaming that I have had enough.  I wont even talk about what has transpired in this country in the last year.  I am doing something for my self fhat has always been so fucking hard for me to do.  To protect, stand up and say to that beautiful spirit that is burning somewhere inside of me that it is okay to be who I am.  Nothing more nothing less.

100_1607All quotes from U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” off of the Joshua Tree album of 1986

123 RW, JZ, PA, PH, RV, SA and I pray that Jerry is in peace.finger touching nose of baby

7 thoughts on ““I want to tear down the walls…That hold me inside”

  1. it has been a while since i read your words. it is good to connect, again. you are one the first blogs i followed some four years ago.

    it sucks to be excluded by family, flesh and blood. it seems like that would be one place we could turn to no matter what and it is sad when we can’t.

    i honor you for putting the gory events of the year behind you. myself, a newshound since the age of four, i had to do a radical news-ectimy. simply reading a headline would send my anxiety through the roof. for a newshound, reading tens of headline a day, i ended up stressing myself out.

  2. Christmas and News Year’s always brings a lot of sadness for me. I am disconnected from the little family I have left. And this year the political events have literally made me sick. I love Christmas but always feel loss. That has happened or will happen. Well, I am happy to read your post and don’t feel so alone. Hope you find some joy. I have a husband and he is the best gift of my Bipolar life. Sending love…

  3. Holidays are always a bittersweet time for my family. So much has happened in my life that the normal things that should be enjoyed by families have often been a bit dark. Knowing that there are people out there that deal with struggles within the family makes me feel less lonely. Thank you. 🙂

  4. I think exclusion pain at this time of year is the hardest and so many suffer. I know this is an old post and I just found your blog. I am sorry you are not posting at the moment. I loved so far what I have read in your blog. I hope you are okay. ❤

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