“To place neurosis and psychopathology solely in personal reality…”

“… is a delusional repression of what is actually, realistically, being experienced.”

11665402_10152853758167167_7660227498252654124_nI was talking with my dear friend this morning and we were discussing this.
We want to believe that it is us as individuals who are carrying the energy and expressing the pathology that we are experiencing.  That I personally am the cause of the dis-ease that I am experiencing.  But to say that means that I have no connection to the world.  I have no connection to my family through the collective experiences that those members of my family  experienced. Well if I choose to accept that I am this complete entity, that there is no heredity, that there is not collective unconscious, then it is easy to both assign responsibility and blame for all that happens to me.
But I not only look a lot like my Dad did when he was the age I am now.  I talk with many of the nuances he had.  I sometimes hear myself talk and remember at some level hearing his voice.

I know a father and a daughter who both sleep with their hands bent in the same exact way.  It seems so painful, how their hand is bent, and I am convinced that it could only be done unconsciously.

10526038_663870803709042_5332401051197838708_nI was watching a video about trauma and the presenter was pointing out that he was with people from all over the world who were having the same reaction to bombing that was happening around them.  Instinctively they were all bending forward seeking to almost put themselves in the fetal position.  Well if they are all attempting to do that, to react in the same way even though they were all from different cultures,then I argue that is evidence that there is a collective unconscious.  If there is then we have a common way of experiencing life.  If we do, then there is an unconscious that ties us together.  It is expressed in how we view the world.  There is something to the statement that the sins of the father are passed onto the son.

“The whole world is sick….and you can’t put this right by having a good therapeutic dialogue or finding deeper meanings. It’s not about meaning anymore; it’s about survival.”  The increased amount of people who are experiencing “mental illness,” is a manifestation of the collective unconscious needing to express, no longer able to repress, the psychic imbalance that is happening in the world.  The way we are going, there will be more and more people, particularly us Americans, taking medications, just to make it through the day.  If people dont think this is affecting all of us, and not just us who are suffering, then the world view of the person who is an individual, and that only, will draw us into more and more conflict. Not just externally with “others,” but with ourselves. I hate to say that I see it happening now.  The system that only rewards those who care only for themselves is tearing the fiber of this great place I live in apart.

123 RV, RW, SA, PA, JW!

Quotes by James Hillman


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