Friendless Fanatic

gladiolus-dalenii-sword-lily-ajaytao   Poor wretched soul
Slogging the midnight hour
It is in the mirror you see
Hatred radiating
Anger disseminating
This time inward
You can’t cut deep enough
Run fast enough
dsc_0069Cry hard enough
To rid yourself of this pain
Ingrained in you is a pension
For self abuse
Destruction and
You doubt the log across the river
Can carry your weight
bengal-clock-vine-ajaytaoYou doubt others can truly care and
See beyond your demons
You doubt your worth and space
In this world
Death calls to you
Bribes you with fantasy and whim
Your eyes deceive you as
Delusion takes hold
Conspiracy builds
Fear ignites
draceana-ajaytaoBlame fills the void
Your reflection speaks the unspeakable
Look in and through
The other side awaits
Slice the tether
Walk into the new realm
Straight jacket in tow
leaves-exquisite-hues-of-nature-ajaytaoThis is real
This is raw
This is insanity



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