Fanatical Peace

I am calling a truce to whatever war is in my head
I am calling for peace and resolution
Within my own being10553437_602979719814934_7879934007941607271_n
Pleading with myself to put down the perceived weapons
Stop the fight
Not to be confused with giving up
Allowing space to breathe
Take a step back
You see I have been steeped in self will
I have demanded to run the show
Be in the show
Steal the show and
Close the show
Its really about not being able to
Appreciate the show
For its ups
Behind this lens
Things are easily tainted
Dark and
If no one else is allowed in
How could it be any other way
10557264_662786280484161_4110228984934593219_nWell until I took a step back
I didn’t see it
My black and white belief system
I especially didn’t see how it was hurting me
Causing my anger
Irritation and
Increasing hatred
What I could see
And ultimately feel
Was how I was becoming a person I do not want to be
20131101-062926.jpgI no longer wish to engage in battle
I lay down my arms and rest
Steeped in self honor and glory




One thought on “Fanatical Peace

  1. this is fantastic! it seems very reminiscent to my battle. as i read it, i found myself nodding my head in agreement, in support, in commersation. thank you for sharing your story. it touched me.

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