Music of the Fanatic

Music resonates throughout the house
21263_535442463161020_1722702204_nBegging the beat to penetrate me
I turn it up louder
Close my eyes and let my body sway
Please please help me get outside of myself
I want to feel the floor, the air, the bass…
anything but the crushing feeling of being
Not just alone in the room
Not just alone tonite
But alone in the universe
10524686_10204197707411535_290896542299414182_nAlone in the madness
that I can never truly explain to you
Moments of tearful despair
Render me frozen and lifeless
Lost in my own mind
400px-FlammarionI willfully listen to the rhythm
Allow the cacophony to fill the space
Absorb the lyrical intention
Become a piece of the story
Carefully music thaws my soul
Guides me to the present
Tickles my heart
Promises comfort
Gently stokes the fire
Charming my tiny dancer
1512666_10204162990903644_7765633758295575264_nAll the while
Allowing me to be me




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