Fanatic’s Chains

through-the-windowWhat happens
when you don’t care enough
to hold your own hand?
When your very own mind
Turns on you
When the waters below
oldenvatnet-norway-1promise to cradle you
When The devil himself
promises to free you
When thoughts of the future
Only hold more pain
When in the present
You barely maintain
When secrets begin
old-stairway-salerano-italy-adina-buligaTo morph into lies
When you close the bathroom door
To put on your disguise
When you choose a shade darker
To manipulate a smile
When the laughter
Simply disappears
When 3 am comes again and again
Rendering you broken and in tears
When joy was once felt
the-angel-oak-tree-charleston-mark-requidanBut no longer seems to exist
When shared experiences of love
Are cast down by shame
I can tell you what happens
Hope is lost to ferocious fears
Life is not worth living
In these insidious chains


One thought on “Fanatic’s Chains

  1. No easy answer. But things can change for the better. That is what kept me going. And things do change. Hang in there and have a little faith and hope. I tell these words to myself as well as, to you. xx ellen

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