Fanatic’s Wall

2015-02-04-15-45-54The truth hits home
like a brick through a wall
Powerful and loud.
Shatters dreams.
Shatters hope
Questions left unanswered
Science one step behind
There is no cure ma’am
10347232_10201917599660507_5224584867827727870_nThis condition is life long
ALL your life in stereo
Quivering of the reality
Things will never be the same
I am not the same
A quiet desperation takes hold
Screaming on the inside
Oh so scared
And brutally confused
Retracing steps
hues-of-natureOf years gone by
One ripple effect
From a childhood storm
Could that be it?
One too many drinks
Could that be it?
God is punishing me
Could that be it?
I went left instead of right
eiger-klein-scheidegg-switzerlamdCould that be it?
Forever searching
Forever banging my head
But in the end
There’s still no cure

123 RV, SA, PA, JW, RW, JZ



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