Fanatic’s Freeing

2012-07-03_0223_hdr-edit-editFor the sake of honesty
I hold my pen to the fire
Drink the bounty of sugar
Bourbon and wine
Drunken words w no inhibition
Run a stake to the heart
Can be naughty or nice
Liquid courage becomes the vice
Summoning false conviction
Demanding deep red sultry
Lipstick on your face
7-12-13-dahlia-jpegWho you believed to be
Washed away in a bottle
Lost in illusion
Reality an intrusion
Perhaps white powder
Is the long sought solution
Desecration of soul
7-27-13-sunflower-jpegLoss of control
You never truly had
So anxious for the pass
Your next round
A ticket to bliss
Expunged of pain
So many voices
All pretend to be your friend
Not on one can you rely
This isn’t you
exquisite-pink-beauties-ajaytaoBut the mirror doesn’t lie
So cold
And alone
Pain looms large
Promising to swallow
You whole
mellow-light-ajaytao1Terrors of childhood
A time without love
Forever sadness
Of what could of been
But stolen instead
Close the curtains
Fall into bed
Weep for the little you
pink-mussaenda-flower-ajaytaoWho knew no bounds
The journey now begins

123 RV, SA, JW, PA, JZM, PH!





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