I do what we do!

I dont drink to feel better,

I  drink to feel.

I dont drink because I have an allergy

I  drink because I have shame

I  dont drink to hide from you

.I drink to hide from me

I  dont drink to make you smile

I  drink not to live in the pain

I  dont drink because it’s wrong

russian-church-aleksandr-nikitinskiyI drink because I’m not right

I  dont drink to make you like me

I  drink to try to make me  like me

I  dont drink to make myself happy

I drink to forget my  frown

6a00d8341c7b3653ef01a51172c3dd970c-500wiI  dont drink to make it so I am accepted

I  drink to try stop hating myself

I  dont drink because it makes me alive

I  drink to forget I am dead

great-wall-of-chinaI  dont drink because I am less than

I  drink so I cant feel that I am

I  dont drink to make you mad at me

I  drink because I hate me.

img_1764I dont drink because I dont believe

I  drink because I cant

I  dont drink because I cant love

I  drink because I dont know how

I  dont drink because you are going to be angry

cloudsI  drink because I deserve it

I  dont drink because it is something I choose

I  drink because I dont think I can

I  dont drink because of my hatred for you

cloudy-skyI drink for my hatred of me.

I  dont think I can be worthy of your love

I  learned long ago I was not


123 RV, SA, JW







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