Fanatic’s Cry

     20131101-062926.jpgblinded by pain

that pets my skin

dances with shock waves

screams in anguish and

fosters delirium

blood trickles down my hand

beautiful-eyes-and-frozen-eyelashes-vladislav-tyabinsplats and colors the floor

spirals down the drain

water erases the madness

deletes the realm of insane

a quiet numbness takes hold

eagleas I honor my routine

merriment of a sharp blade

calls for gentle cleaning

held sweetly in a special bag

storm-over-neighborhood-pat-kavanagh-bmphidden safely for only me to find

such beauty in my secret

a loyal comfort

control is all mine

until its not

african-ibexthe blade calls out

the need for throbbing discomfort

morphs into its own sickness

21263_535442463161020_1722702204_nno longer a soothing game

stumbling to take charge

while begging for mercy

123 RV, SA, JW!



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