Everybody’s Gotta Hungry Heart

11006376_10152558505756825_2438569205286570987_nYes though we struggle

To be here and now

Because of the trauma

Were not sure we know how

10557264_662786280484161_4110228984934593219_nPlease do remember

That our hurt and our anger

Makes us seem a little  off

When you  get to know us

You’ll see that all of our pain

Is offset by a power of love

That we cannot contain

Because as much as we hurt

balloons-ajaytao-11Feel lost and alone

Our hearts and our passion

They still remain

Remember our journey

is not who we are

387043_348007145280307_766454822_nBecause when we get down to it

Our hugs and our smiles

Are all that remain

Because the memory of love

8-10-13-rose-jpegWill carry the day

When all seems lost

In those dark moments

in all of your pain

and it seems like you cant win

tiny-red-flowers-ajaytaoRemember that we are here with you

and you are  not alone

Thank you to all for your

loving kindness

123 Rhonda, Steve, Jill, Renee, Pat, Pam, Jerry, Ed, Jessica and Jim

The “Heart Labyrinth” is by Reginald Charles Adams.

Title is from Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart






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