“The Narrowing Down of One’s Experiences”

2015-02-04-15-45-54 Why is that when you meet someone and you are honest with them, that they usually find a way to say that you are different than them, or that they are uncomfortable with you or worse yet, they dont acknowledge you? One of the gifts of being a member of AA is the willingness, probably learned since many of us have the same fears as do those who are not in AA, to accept people and their differences.  I am not afraid of any person, from the bum to the doctor. Yet why is it so easy to immediately turn away from an experience that could enrich us, could make our lives fuller?

What is it that makes me say no to an experience, a friendship or a union of ideas in business, life, or love?  I am sure that I am not alone in this, but I am only able to relate my experience.

butterfly-bluesThe title of this piece is how Dr. Sara Conn defined depression.  Then dont we, and I mean the collective we, as a culture suffer from this? I mean isn’t reality television nothing more than the narrowing down of one’s experiences?


calm-sea“We are suffering from a profound grief.”(2)  We are doing everything we can to avoid this.  We are moving faster and more than anything, living our lives in a series of momentary, lacking in depth, experiences that are allowing us to not have to stop and feel this profound grief that we are in as a culture.  When I think I am not seeing this for what it is, all I have to do is go and sit outside bridge-over-calm-waters-strasbourg-france-adina-buligaPeets and watch people as they walk by.

Please dont think that my writing this is my projection onto others my reality.  Those who know me, know I have an easy propensity to laugh.  I am starting to see now that part of that is the ability to see what it happening around me and get relief from that by having a good laugh.

Finally, Jon Stewart is leaving us as a voice who whether he knew it or not, was a power full voice who shed light on the insanity of the world we live in. blues-vadim-shtrik1 What I find poignant is that as the world gets more and more depressed we see people like Stewart and Colbert  as having as much an impact on the culture as does Nightline and the Nightly News.   I should also set out my bias that I am neither a right wing nut nor am I a wacko liberal.   What is interesting is that Colbert and Stewart have never professed to be just giving us the facts, and it is those who are charged with telling us the truth about what is going on in the world who cant just give us the facts.  Wow sounds a little wacko there doesnt it!

(1)Dr. Sara Conn

(2)Dr. Theodor Rozak



One thought on ““The Narrowing Down of One’s Experiences”

  1. We just recently started watching the Daily Show again and are sad that Jon Stewart is leaving the show. I started weaning myself from the TalkingHeads(tm) version of the national news sometime around the last Huntley-Brinkley Report in 1970. They were an example of the kind of journalism that valued content over entertainment that gradually disappeared from TV screens and print media. The nightly show ended with that era’s form of the “moment of Zen”…”Good night, Chet,” ”Good night, David,” ”And good night for NBC News.”

    David Brinkley was quoted later in his life that he despised this ending for adding a bit of whimsy to something that was deadly serious. Now that the “serious news” is mostly entertainment and position politics, my most trusted source of news about current events has been shows like the Daily Show and websites that lampoon the constant parade of naked emperors who lead the nations of the world. There’s probably some irony in there, somewhere.

    Enjoy the day!

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