Fiery Fanatic

american-buffalo-yellowstone-national-parkThe world is full of lies
Cancerous affiliations
Bullets affecting innocent lives
Tragedy rains down
With no protection in sight
Stress stares us in the face
Medication shoved our way
986b8-hopes_on_the_horizonMass fear mass anger
Volatile at best
He yells
She screams
Scars on wrists
Broken dreams
Lost in television scenes
Wanting of love
Arizona CanyonDesirous of space
Forgetting to say hello
Too busy to say goodbye
The rush of the rush
Stepping on flowers
To get one step ahead
Blind to sunsets
cropped-heart3To tired for sunrise
Booze brings in millions
Calms the nerves
Severs the pain from the mind
Loud speakers preach
Of change
Of manifest destiny
Church bells ring
Calling some home
Pretend smiles and
IMGP1138Fake handshakes in the parlor
When does it end
How Are we to carry on
where do we start
dad and grandpaTo make a change

wolf yosemite


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