Fanatics Fear Full Fall

20140909-201042-72642283.jpgThe battlecries ring out
Bounce around the room
Carry desperation through the air
Heed the call for help
I find myself crumpled in the corner
On alert for the demon’s shadow
His stealth being is rising
While my fragile self is slipping
Vulnerable I crawl to a safe place
Back against the wall
20140909-201504-72904262.jpgBut, I can see all
Tears have given way
To fear
I am not impervious to his grasp
To his clutch
His soul sucking strength
I have no sword
I have no shield
Purely at his mercy
His voice reverberates inside me
Taunting me from the darkness
630431These walls are cold
Denial breeds weakness
I am left defenseless
I hear his breathing
Feel his footsteps
Won’t be long now
I have since given in
337129_10151480788466040_1950483812_oNo will to fight
To stave off this evil within
What else is there
But to turn myself in
The delusion is real



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