“Whoever can suffer within himself…”

10553437_602979719814934_7879934007941607271_n“…the highest united with the lowest is healed, holy, whole.”  I am learning that there is a part of us, an innate part of us that we have a constant struggle with.  My depression is partly driven by the conflict between the rational me and this innate part of me.  It is difficult to put into words. Jung talks about the part of us that we have dissociated from.  That part that connects us back to the history we all carry inside of us, inside of our DNA!

326684Einstein calls it our intuitive side.  Jung and others call it our unconscious.  I dont know what it is since I cant understand it and if I cant understand it, how can I articulate it?  All I know is that I have learned some wonder full and awe full things in the last few years.

“The opus consists of three parts: insight, endurance, and action.”  Hopefully, and my friends can answer this one better than I can, I have gained some insight from the adventure of depression I have gotten to live in the last four plus years.  I have learned so much by letting go out of the outside world in so many ways.  Yes there were events that if I told you that was what I did, the first divine-hues-ajaytaothing that might come out of your mouth is “why couldn’t you take care of yourself?”  I dont have a “good” answer for that one.  It pre-supposes that there is a universal “good” way to do any thing.  I am learning more and more that there isn’t one way to do anything and if there is, it usually comes from a projection of our shadow, either collectively or individually.

“Psychology is needed only in the first part, but in the second and third parts moral strength plays the predominant role.”So I feel that I have been lucky enough to have this insight.  I have been able to live through the psychological hell that comes from only falling into the depression instead of continuing to try and run from it.

oldenvatnet-norway-1As I have said a number of times, I would not wish the experiences I have gone through in the last four years on my worst enemy.  Yet I would not trade them.(That is not totally true.  There is one relationship that I would never have given up for  anything had I had my way.)

So I am now at what Jung calls the “endurance and action,” phase of this journey.    Okay, bring it!  Just kidding.  I am in it.  I dont write about it here and will not until there is some resolution to the matter(s).

More than anything, I want to thank all of the people who read what we write.  We dont write about inspirational or “positive,” things as much as many do.  10256520_10152566504701294_2329275829221975349_oWhat I have always tried to do on this blog is tell the truth.  Good, bad or ugly.  I am proud of what we have written as this issue is not going away.  The longer I am in “recovery,” the more I realize that this is important to start talking about.    I will use a little story to make my point.  What do you get when you sober up a horse thief? (Answer below)

936679_10152386596421130_1957513437814949369_nRenee,  I was thinking about you today and wanted to say that I appreciate our friendship more today than I ever have.  You and I have been friends  for over &$*(# years!!! Amazing.

123 RV, SA , RW, JZ, PA,

Answer:  A sober horse thief!


Quotes by Carl Jung


4 thoughts on ““Whoever can suffer within himself…”

  1. I really appreciate the authenticity of what is written and shared here. It makes me feel connected and not alone, as though I’m not the only one who ponders and struggles with it all.

  2. Ugly truth is always much better than any fake positivism. You’re doing fine, and I always enjoy reading your writing. Happy New Year and new hope and blessings!

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