Fanatic Frustration

 blue-mask-matt-marquezIn the thick of it.
The eye of the storm is supposedly safest. I’m on the outskirts awaiting the chaos.
Wet feet, tassled hair, fierce anger
Pushes me forward closer to danger
I sprint into it
Leaving the past behind and shame with it
Progress cannot be made behind the fence
Thrown out in a whirlwind barely landing on my feet
20131101-063008.jpgBut my business not complete
So many feelings and emotions to be left in the wind, to be left screaming on their own,  to exorcize the pain and sorrow that encumbers me
Once more frustration fueled angst pushes me into the storm
Searching for childhood clues, answers
What illicit the waves. The emotional waves that rock my world and leave confusion in its wake.
I no longer wish to live in a land of extremes, then greys. Highs then lows.
storm-over-neighborhood-pat-kavanagh-bmpI am not certain my pleading for answers in the midst of lightning and rain solves any of my woes.
I didn’t ask for this fight.
I didn’t ask for days I find myself on my knees.
I didn’t ask for days I  feel like I’m floating and superwoman
But my quest no matter the circumstances
Cannot be aborted. I must find answers.

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