Fanatic’s Question

stevehanksart10The question to stay
When the demons demand to go
It’s not the question of love
He gives that to me
The question of

If i can tolerate the pain

For him and his love
I would miss sunsets
I would miss the sun on my face
I would miss his humor and laughter
adorable-little-owlI would miss the changing colors of fall
I would miss coffee dates
I would miss a chance to repair long lost friendships
But somehow these things aren’t enough
The emotion turmoil and chaos that I not only feel, but cause is too much
It’s both painful and a relief to have a plan
way-aheadI am not special
So many of us struggle
So many of us deserve more
It takes resilience to carry on each day
I sincerely applaud you all with all my heart
One day the darkness will lift
silhouette-fisherman-ajaytaoI’m just not sure I can wait that long


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