Fanatic’s Strings

balloons-ajaytao-11I do want to please you
I want to be happy along side you
You constantly gauge me
Say you don’t know how I’ll be
Let me step into my role
Of a puppet on a string
It’s not your fault
incence-dean-forbesI’m no longer the woman you married
Pull my right string
A beautiful smile will surface
Pull my left string
Laughter will accompany yours
Pull the left leg
I will once again be social
baby-with-blue-eyesAnd the right
The illusion of the old me
The one you fell in love with
Dance me around
I’ll be able to give you want you need
Now in circles
Bipolar does not rule nor ruin our lives
I come alive
waterfallI begin to awaken
My hand in yours we leave it all behind

123 RV, SA, JW,RW,  JZM, PA, PH



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