“Sometimes I think therapy is partly responsible for the lack of awakening.”

HITLER/JAEGER FILEFirst,  for the people who follow this, the reason that you have not seen me is that I have some personal and legal issues that I need to deal with that are taking up a lot of my time lately. I also wont write about them here as this is a public site and I dont believe in talking bad about people in print.

Yet I told myself this morning at 3:38 that I needed to write. However, I’m not really interested in writing about anything about depth psychology for the sake of putting words on the paper to show you that I’m looking into it and trying to understand my life fr0m a depth psychological perspective.

HITLER/JAEGER FILEBecause what is fueling me in my personal life now is a lot of anger. What I’m really starting to see is as long as I keep doing what I’m doing I’m going to get what I get. I don’t really know if I am willing to keep doing all the work on myself just to get to normalcy.  What is happening for me this morning is I that I am attempting to step back and take a look at the big picture.

The title quote by Hillman I think is radical yet conservative. Conservative in the sense that if we don’t have an awakening we will continue to self-destruct. The new leaders of the world are going to come from those people who are not willing to accept the norms as beneficial, personally or collectively.

hillman“But I think A.A. and these recovery movements are anti-revolutionary.

I agree with this and I have enough experience to be able to critique the recovery movement. It is like the spiritual movement. One of my biggest pet peeves in recovery is the saying of the Lord’s prayer. It is dogmatic and it is nothing more  than trying to get everybody to believe that their one God is the way to live. The problem with that is  people take it and start believing it as a worldview not just a religious view. I don’t blame any Muslim more than I blame any Christian. We freak out about the Muslims wanting to dominate the world.  Well  look back in history at the crusades.

“Another Marxist idea is that capitalism can only survive in its last phases through war material.”

1620374_10152242355289140_1541697308_nI think what Hillman says here is what’s going on. We really don’t have an enemy yet we keep producing stuff to kill those people who aren’t there. And how does that relate to depression. This is one that I struggle with inside yet I believe that as long as we continue to make violence towards others a solution to our problems, then I am going to extrapolate that and make it the solution I have towards other individuals, not just other countries or religions. I was just listening to an interview yesterday about the whistleblower at a large bank. Our government thinks that getting $13 billion from a big bank was some sort of victory. I wonder how much money those people aug-26th-010put in their pockets at the expense of others?    I would bet that it’s exponentially more than $13 billion.

No one was punished criminally.

I believe that kind of behavior is violent. I believe that the Bernie Madoff’s of the world and others like him including many capitalists perpetuate economic violence against their fellow human beings to put more money in their bank account, so they can live better, and have cleaner floors and people waiting on them.

Don’t get me wrong I used to be in that world. I’m not some poor rock throwing liberal talking this kind of talk. If anything I’m a libertarian today and don’t have much use for either party nor much of what people do in our culture at the expense of others

10604659_10204588969262700_7062526869842619097_o“Having wars and producing useless goods which are not good for the people.”

Wen I was going to school in Berkeley, I took a couple courses from my interdisciplinary studies professor and really started to see the world differently. When you get raised in a paradigm of consumption and material, it’s hard to see that the externalities of what you do are as harmful to you as they are to those in Third World countries.

10660376_843231542383716_2204225344977835787_nI’m really starting to see that what we are doing is what people have said to me before, “you don’t shit where you sleep.” No for the most part we don’t shit where we sleep, but if it starts stinking everywhere else pretty soon that smell’s going to come home to roost. I’m not for or against any system. I’m against people being inhumane to other people

“It’s [Marxism] an insight into the destructiveness of Western capitalism; that’s what we need to wake up to”

Externalities.  We dont include them in the equation and if we dont, fracking will become necessary.

All quotes by James Hillman

RIP Brothers under the Bridge










6 thoughts on ““Sometimes I think therapy is partly responsible for the lack of awakening.”

  1. Yeah, our capitalist culture is pretty insane.

    I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on the title though: SOMETIMES I THINK THERAPY IS PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LACK OF AWAKENING

  2. Good post! Politics, along with religion, has become the dope of the masses. I am as fed up with both politicl parties as you are.

    And as well, therapy that is focused on fixing only what’s inside and ignores our relationship to the world, is probably doing more damage by assuming that individuals are maladjusted, instead of seeing that adjusting to craziness is itself crazy!


  3. “No for the most part we don’t shit where we sleep, but if it starts stinking everywhere else pretty soon that smell’s going to come home to roost”, thanks for this Jim – I think that is one of the main problems we have on earth! I’m quite happy that you are seeing this, because a lot of people don’t .

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