Fanatic’s Demon’s Cries

  cloud-layers-ajaytao-2The mystic hobbles toward the fire

Hurling promises into the air

Swirling demons gather and swarm

Chills run up my spine

Are they coming for me

Broken promises surround me

cloudy-skyThe devils voice carries in the wind

Are they coming for me

I’ve danced this dance before

Red hot coals beneath my feet

Mud oozing between my toes

Pulled from left to right

church-burg-hohenzollern-adina-buligaLeft  crawling on my own

Are they coming for me

I imagine a field of purple roses

May I lie down please sir

I am weary and afraid

I lost my soul so long ago

Wishing for a rebirth

cloudsAre they coming for me

The dust has settled and

Once again I am alone

I can hear the demons cry

only a few minutes more

I pray for the pain to pass

I pray that I be absolved 

I have been told this is not my fault

But then why are they coming for me

123 RV, SA, RW, JZM, JW, PA



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