“He alone is modern who is fully conscious of the present.”

20140909-201130-72690068.jpgOne of the ways that I believe that I struggle with my emotional health issues is because I never had any anchors in any rituals including church or family traditions or anything that was outside of the activities of my biological family. What I have realized is that has made my vision of the world be based unconsciously on the experiences of that limited group of people who I learned how to live from. I was talking with my good friend just a while ago and we were talking about his connection to his history and my lack of connection to my history.

napa courthouseI wonder if many of the emotional health issues that are prevalent in this culture are not based on there being no place to go to understand my connection to life from a historical perspective. I was reading a post* this morning by a person who I think has a deep connection to the mythological and metaphorical worlds, in many ways that I am, honestly, slightly envious of. The article was wondering if there is a way, through mysticism, which we can see that there is a connection between us all.  A connection sufficient to overcome the division that keeps us all isolated, if not as individuals, then as cultural, religious or political groups.

screen-shot-2013-07-08-at-11-52-32-am“The man who has attained consciousness of the present is solitary.
After reading the post mentioned above, I read the Jung essay from which these quotes come from, I could not help but think that Jung knew of Max Weber’s writing “Protestantism and the Spirit of Capitalism.” I know that we are solitary in many ways in the culture. That’s what I was referring to above that if I live my life being solitary I have nothing to measure my life against metaphorically and just as important, mythologically. I have nothing to draw on from the traditions handed down to me by my forefathers and foremothers since there were none.

navajo-creation-myth-john-stephens-poster2“Thus he has become “unhistorical” in the deepest sense and has estranged himself from the mass of men who live entirely within the bounds of tradition. When the mind is the tool to understand the unconscious rules of love and life, the rituals to understand based on images and  the oral or metaphorical rituals which are handed down from generation to generation, I am in trouble. Because of the events in my life which, I don’t want to say caused my depression, but were very significant factors which caused me to attempt to escape from the reality is that I lived with, I didn’t have the support or the historical references, by way of rituals, from those people who were supposed to teach me how to be a human being. I had no constant ritual except to go to school and try to stay below the radar so I wouldn’t experience any more trauma!

drifting-strasbourg-france-adina-buliga“To be “unhistorical” is the Promethean sin, and in this sense the modern man is sinful.”

So often we want equate being “sinful,” with being evil! Because to be a sinner is to be evil. Therefore does it not follow that the modern man, the conscious man, is hurting the sense of connection in the world rather than helping make connections to those who need connection, (all of us!) to know that they belong somewhere, that they are part of a group!

ripples-blue-pretend-smelling-ultimatelyQuotes from Carl  Jung, CW Vol. 10 The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man.


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