Purpose of a Fanatic.

sunset-solarized-ajaytao1Life has no purpose.

And without purpose life has no meaning.

I am left with no significance or hope.

Things feel upside down.

Despite all the wonderful things in my life

I feel empty which leads to guilt.

I don’t believe I’m stuck, but I’m not going anywhere.

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.

If purpose never exists I suppose it can’t be lost.

tiny-flower-ajaytaoIt’s the hopelessness that permeates.

The ever present denominator.

Is there no peace to be found.

My feet are planted.

I take root.

Only to be ripped from below.

small-beautiful-flower-ajaytaoLight is not shed to lead me home, to protect me.

Rather the darkness baits me.

123 RV, SA, JW, RW, PA!





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