Fanatic’ Boots

beautiful-eyes-and-frozen-eyelashes-vladislav-tyabin Can’t say what it’s really about
Some truth buried deep within
Some painful memory yet to surface
They say to be gentle with myself
Treat myself as if I were a baby
Would I have the same expectations
Would I have the same harsh inner critic
I tend not to listen to what *they say
finger touching nose of babySometimes I wonder if this is all a dream
Waiting to wake up the night from the nightmare
I read book after book still left with no answer
Just be more social
Just exercise
Just pull up your boot straps
Expert advice dished out to folks like me
photoThe trouble is I have tried, truly tried
How is it I can be in a group and still
Feel so incredibly alone
Insecurity holds my tongue while my mind
Convinces me I have nothing worthy to say
Am I to be forgotten
The days on the calendar turn and turn
Yet stagnant I stay
I want more
I need more
But it seems those boots just don’t fit

123 RV, SA, PA, PH, RW!

wolf yosemite


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