Fanatic’s Sizzling

  gostinica-laplandiya-rovaniemi-finland1 My brain is sizzling
Thoughts and emotions in warfare
Vulnerability playing it’s card
So concerned about where I’m going
Yet so enmeshed in the past
Doubt ringing in my ears
Fears become my footsteps
And I fall into the mud
Heat and desire melt my heart
night-owlForgotten in the winds of time
Sucked into layers upon layers
Of memories and regrets
Just yesterday my smile reappeared
It’s presence long missing
Though my mask gave false pretense and no glimpse into
Who I really am
Just a girl
heron-island-great-barrier-reef-queensland-australia-hsrobWho loved to laugh with you
Walk alongside you
Be present with you
She hides in the corner
Knees to her chest
Little girl lost is who I am

123 Steve, Rhonda, Pam, Pat, Renee, Jim, Jill, Jon, Terry!

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