“We should not rise above the earth with the aid of “spiritual” intuitions…”

Sunsetand run away from hard reality, as so often happens with people who have brilliant intuitions.[1]
I love my friends who write about things like alchemy and spirituality and all of those wonderfully positive  and beautiful things.  My goal in this process of change that I have been thrust into is to try to find a way to communicate with and share with the “man on the street,” somewhere they might find and get some relief from the dis– ease that we are suffering with in our culture. I read wonderful posts that are so imaginative and thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating here and I wonder to myself, can the “man on the street,” understand it?

10171639_848806071803122_213436708196433507_n“A ritual is an organization of mythological symbols; and by participating in the drama of the rite one is brought directly in touch with these… Where the synagogues and churches go wrong is by telling what their symbols “mean.”[2]

I see that most people are like me, mistrustful of hierarchy in almost any form because it has been used for goals that are against the interests of the people.

I think what Campbell talks about is where the trepidation of the “man on the street,” comes from. They think that anything that is shown them is supposed to have some sort of literal meaning to it. Campbell has pointed out very clearly that they, in particular religions, have taken the metaphor and made it concrete. There in lies the rub for a lot of people I  know and I imagine many others.

carinablobs_hubble_960The skepticism that is prevalent in this culture is justifiable. I don’t want to be told that there’s only one interpretation, hell spelling, for Ggod. I don’t want to be told that all there is only one son of Ggod. It’s illogical for anyone to say that because I don’t think anyone who walks the face of the earth can tell me that they know for absolute certainty that Jesus Christ is the only son of Ggod and that there has never been throughout history another son of Ggod.  Are not I a son of Ggod?

Mt._St._Helena_lgWhat is the new ritual ?  As Hillman would say, where is the new place we can express our pathology?


A blog I ask you to check out.  http://stigmama.com

[1] Carl Jung  [2] Joseph Campbell  Myths to Live By.



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