Fanatic Doors

1546025_10151845590171426_728336535_nI have to let go of past transgressions
Of secrets and regrets
It is time for me to take rest
I’ve wrestled, battled and stood my ground
My mind is vulnerable
Raw to feeling and emotion
I want you to know all of me
Without judgement
I share the light and the darkness
Hoping you can see and hear me for me
Not a diagnosis.
10171639_848806071803122_213436708196433507_nI am one step closer to acceptance
The door stands wide open
One foot in one foot out
How can I trust myself
How do I find belief in myself
1393852_909291559087829_6429478004072054840_nHow do I begin to love myself
Walk through the door

123 RV, SA, JW, RW, PA!

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