“The darkness of depression may be a signal that our life…”

sky-canvas-ajaytao   “…has reached a turning point and nothing will resolve our emptiness but to risk a new adventure.”*

So many of us see ourselves as islands. Many of us think we have to protect all our flanks, our shores. We think we have to be impervious to anything from the outside that is going to potentially harm us. It’s natural that we see the world as us and them, right and wrong, God and the devil, black-and-white.

When we see the world in that duality then signs like the one to the right are so easy to accept as what is IMG958148(2)true. To accept it as an absolute truth. “The word.” I have just one question to ask, and that is, where did the darkness go? It cant be gone as the world is half dark every day, all the time, under some divine plan.

The carpenter said that we have that part of us. The part that we see as evil, wrong, immoral.  Am I and Jimmy Carter the only ones who have thoughts like “those?” We continue to deny that part of us that nobody seems to want to acknowledge as being as much a part of us as the “light.”

10256520_10152566504701294_2329275829221975349_oWhat happens when I see the world this way, and I am just as much a product of this culture as anyone is that I don’t trust others.

The problem with  that is if I don’t trust anyone else, eventually I won’t trust herself.

I received a wonderful message from a dear friend this morning. The gist of their message was that they don’t know how to do this. They don’t know how to love and they don’t know how to be loved.  What was amazing to me is that this person who sent me this message is one of the most loving human beings I’ve ever met.

439“I am afraid of Christian unconsciousness, because, unlike Buddhism, say, or even Judaism, lives myths deliberately, insisting they are not myths, and this has dreadful paranoid consequences.” [1]  So what is “the,” answer. I don’t know, I wish you would tell me! I see all these wonderful axiomatic statements from people that seem to point to going to a place on Sunday  as the easy way to get to where they have total self acceptance and self-love.  If it was that simple why have we had a 10 fold increase in depression in the last half century?  Why do we have 5% of the world’s population and we are written 80% of the world’s prescriptions?  Is the simplistic answer to this is that I did something wrong by not following a certain faith?

sunset-with-coconut-leaves-ajaytao1“Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” [2] I hear people say that you should write only loving kind things to others. I try to do that. I never try to criticize others in my writings. However, that does not mean that I’m going to sit here and look at the world through rose colored glasses such as to say there is no darkness in the world.

That is simplistic and lacks a basis in fact.

hillmanSometimes the glasses I wear are mirrored glasses where no one can see me. I mirror you back to you when those glasses are on.  There are times in my life, such as now,  where I have had to look at who I am and what my role in this is.  Those are not easy tasks, as I don’t believe they  are meant to be.  I have worked real hard to let you see who I am in this venue even when it is “dark.”

These are just ideas here. It may just be me and I hope that it is I am the only one who cannot see “THE,” light. I hope that I will be enlightened and see the world differently at sometime in the near future. But I listen to to those who suffer and I am not going to try and gloss over the problem with some axiomatic parable about what is real and what is not.  There is no one”WAY,” to find the source.  There are as many ways as there are people.

123 SA, PA, RW, SA and, its good to see you back again RV!


*Monica Casani wrote about this yesterday and I took this quote from her excellent blog.  [1]James Hillman.[2] Carl Jung.

As always thanks to Cindy Knoke for the hawk.  There is a site that does some wonderful work with “mental health” issues



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