“People who can create a narrative of their life through which the events…”

its-all-tears“…can be seen as creating some sort of growing, broadening, deepening experience — making them who they are today — tend to be mentally healthier and happier.”[1]

I never saw what I did as something that was deepening me. I never saw what I did as something that was of value in any other way except for in the material realm. I think that what happened for me was when I got to the point that I had it all and yet I was empty, I didn’t know what the hell to do. That’s when the depression took over. That’s when there was nothing else to see except for that fog that the depression creates.*

painting-of-nature-hardibudi“About a third of my cases are suffering from any clinically definable neurosis, but from the senselessness an emptiness of their lives. This can be defined as the general neurosis of our times.”[2]

The “senselessness and emptiness,” seems to describe much of what I see going on for people I know, for people I don’t know, and did for me.The hardest thing in the world is to not live in emptiness. Continually trying to feed that hole with material things to fill it up so I wouldn’t have to fill the scars that I carried on the inside of myself

The scars haven’t gone away. What I pray for from the Ggods is that they have peeled off a layer of the scar that keeps the warmth from getting in

oldenvatnet-norway1We had a big earthquake here today. Lots of buildings got shaken, lots of glass was breaking, and the bricks were a fallen.
We don’t have anything in Napa over I think four or five stories. And almost everything that has been built here if it’s that big is post 1970s which makes it a little stronger. Some fireplaces fell down, the hall of justice loss of little piece of it’s façade. There’s quite a lot of metaphoric symbolism I could use there, but I won’t

[1] A wonderful and talented lady, who you can find her work at broadblogs.com, said this the other day. [2] Carl Jung *There were other factors that I dont put into the blog.


To my three brothers.  R.I.P.



6 thoughts on ““People who can create a narrative of their life through which the events…”

      • I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, and then lived in Sacramento for many years, so I experienced a few of them too ♥ I hope they stop before I go there in a couple of weeks, lol.

        In any case, take care dear, and stay away from weak buildings 🙂

  1. I’ve never experienced an actual earthquake. I guess that makes me lucky, but part of me wants to know what it’s like for so many others who unfortunately have to go through them frequently.

    • T.R. 1989 Quake to me was a lot bigger. This one rocked the boat, but ’89 felt like it was going to turn the boat over. They are kinda cool in a way. They sure JOLT you out of your reality!!

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