“The more a man’s life is shaped by the collective norm,…”

936679_10152386596421130_1957513437814949369_n“…the greater is his individual immorality…”  The collective norm says get what you can and don’t worry about anyone else, except for those close to you, and then them not so much unless they live like you do.

The hardest thing in the world for me to do is to truly follow my own path. It is so very hard for me to truly  stand up and say the things that I need to say.  It is those times when  I need the Ggods courage to say those things that are unpopular and sometimes not so nice. What’s amazing to me when I say this, tthen  look at it on paper and then laugh when think about it. I  laugh because it never bothered me one iota to go into a courtroom and tell the judge that the judge was just flat out  wrong Sometimes I would do it knowing that it was going to get me in trouble.

21263_535442463161020_1722702204_nThe psychology that arises from that mind can’t do the job.”  Here’s where I have the tensions going on inside of me. The only thing I have to rely on based on experience is my own mind. It I know that relying on my own mind is not going to be the answer to getting me beyond this blockage where I’m at. It is also not going to get me to where I feel like I can do the best work to try to help others which is to be in that wild and crazy imagination that I used to be connected to and still have inside of me. I remember when I was a child I would sit there and daydream sometimes the things I would daydream I thought 1512666_10204162990903644_7765633758295575264_nwere just so far-fetched. But now after listening to Hillman in particular and Jung also I realize that the daydreaming of those to “far-fetched,” ideas was the singing of my soul.

Every ones in therapy because they’re using the wrong mind to deal with the psyche.”   How do you learn  how to use the “right,” mind to deal with the soul?  How do you get in touch with that mind that can deal with imagination and doesn’t have to deal in duality? How do you trust intuition?  How do you know that you are truly coming from a place of loving, empathic kindness?  That’s the bigger question.
10553437_602979719814934_7879934007941607271_n“The therapist is using the wrong mind dealing with the psyche.” One of the things I learned this last quarter at school was  that I have this ability to not deal in the logical mind when I’m listening to people talk. One of the wonderful lessons I learned by working with other people in recovery, is that I learn to let them be themselves without having to interject my opinion on what their reality should be.

How do you get a profession to say wait a minute, maybe we are doing this the way that it’s supposed to be done to help people get to their souls?  How do you get a world to see that we are not connecting to that part of our selves where we can get off the hamster wheel and enjoy our days.  I dont think we can, I just think we can start to teach those who come after us that there is more than excelling in academia, business  and acquiring and there is real virtue in living a life of loving and giving.  I pray I can muster up the courage to follow that bliss.

123 Everyone!!!


Title quote by Carl Jung.  The others are from James Hillman when he was speaking at a Library of Congress presentation on the Red Book.



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