“Your soul is in great need, because drought weighs on its world.”

10583817_827183823988488_7096944561490260692_nI saw this image yesterday and got excited.  I got excited because I can get lost in that image. It’s interesting that I use the words “can get lost,” when speaking about an image.  I am grateful that the course of study I am on has little do with figuring out and more to do with letting this work out.   I believe now that is an image where I am bound emotionally.  I am governed unconsciously by images of events that  I lived through and believe that the reality of now must be based on the emotions tied to those images from then.  I now truly believe that it is only an image in the present that can at some level replace or over ride the image of then, where I will find relief from my dis-ease of depression.


But that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about wonder and awe.

The pictures of the hawk are from my friend Cindy Nokes’ blog. [2]    I  look at that hawk and I am in awe. As I wrote on her blog  I am “awe full.”  When I look in the eyes of that hawk I see as much power in such a small area as almost anywhere else I know of in the world.  Why am I fascinated with the hawk?

I think it is because the hawk knows it is a hawk!

7-21-14-rose-jpegIt’s like looking at my friend Carol’s[1] pictures of flowers. Sometimes the image of the flower triggers a curiosity that is rare in my life these days. Sometimes I don’t understand those images logically. What I now realize is there in lies the relief from the dis–ease that I suffer with. Not knowing something logically is going to allow me to experience something intuitively or emotionally and that is the gift of trying to find some balance in my life where I’m not governed by the inflatable ego nor am I dominated by the debilitating shame.

dsc09494I was talking with a buddy of mine and told him that the best therapy, relief, mental health nugget I have had in the last 24 hours, was watching a YouTube video where David Attenborough is speaking the words of Louis Armstrong’s, “What a Wonderful World,” and the BBC had images of nature behind it.[3]

What am I trying to get to here in this post. That hopefully I am being led to what I’m moving towards.

Because I speak these posts and then edit them, what comes out of me comes out of all parts of me including my unconscious. I love to look at my mountain and “dictate,” these posts as that allows me to not  be thinking about what I am saying and to just say it.

I’m trying to learn to get out of the way of understanding the results of what I think and feel before I let them come out. Maybe that’s what imagination is?

The biggest disease we have is lack of imagination and we dont see life as awe full and  wonder full like we did when we were kids!

123 RV, SA, JW, RW, PA, PH, TN!

Quote by Carl Jung.

I got the image on the top of this post from my friend Lewis Fontaine’s Carl Jung Depth Psychology Facebook page.  Here is information on the image if you want to learn about it.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flammarion_engraving

[1] http://radiatingblossom.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/yellow-rose-4/

[2] http://cindyknoke.com/2014/08/05/some-say-hawks-are-sacred-birds/

[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8WHKRzkCOY

I have put up a link on the “Resource” of  a doctor saying  depression is not a “mental illness!” it was on here, but WordPress makes it the image that is at the top of the post and I dont like that!!  His name is Charles Raison.



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