“The shadow is something very evasive…

snowy “…I don’t know mine.”When I first read those words I felt crushed. I thought if anybody knew their own shadow it was Jung.  And yet why would I expect him to know more about his own shadow that I know about mine. You see that’s the problem that I carry. No matter how intelligent I may be, I think everybody else knows something that I don’t.
Then I ask myself how can you know what it is? If I knew what it was I would be able to deal with it in conscious.
It’s kind of like when people say, why don’t you just not drink? Why don’t I ? Because there’s an underlying stimulus to my behavior that I can’t figure out.

630431“I study it by the reaction of those around me.”What I learned by impression is that my trying so hard to be the perfect child carrying that through my life’s made it so people were uncomfortable with me. Because the longer I suppressed all of that shadow material more scared, hurt, angry and the associated I had become. I was looking at pictures of a friend of mine from high school this morning and some part of me wanted to go back and live in that place with them. Quality that she possessed that I was attracted to was that innocence. I was in love with the idea of being where I wasn’t so conflicted.
So needless to say when I read this quote originally I was just crushed.

Mt._St._Helena_lg“We depend on the reflection of the mirror of our entourage.” This was always a problem for me. I would pick people who would support the eagle parts of me, and yet when the shadow parts of me would come out they would become enraged. Nobody can deal with someone who has dissed ease. People struggle with anyone who shows the weakness or vulnerability that comes about when you have “mental illness,” what I truly believe it to be is emotional disorders
NMP3024I really have no desire to write today. I just finished a bunch of work for school and the last thing I want to do is put out my thoughts on mental health or psychology
Quotes by Carl Jung

123 RV, SA, PA, JV, PH, AE, JW, RW



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