Fanatic’s Good Riddance


How do you rid yourself of shame
Let it blow in the wind
Like a leaf innocently trailing on the road
Find a delicate flower that exudes beauty
Only to picture your essence the same
Forgive the dying grass
As it receives no nourishment
Pick a fresh strawberry and savor it’s sweetness
As the guilt rains down do not run
Rather stand and face it’s storm
Effortless tears fall
While it’s so hard to
Let their presence be okay
Believe you and I are okay
The weeping sunflower hunched over
Is food for the bluejay
He does not judge while
He forages for a meal
There is no harm in supporting
One another
Today My shame is thick as mud
I cannot carry myself and my pain
Sure as the redwood tree stands tall
Sure as the winter will bring frost
I know these things to be true
And so be it I shall be set free



2 thoughts on “Fanatic’s Good Riddance

  1. There is nothing to be done, really, about depression after getting sober except to bear it and know that it will go away eventually. It is really hard to see with new eyes for the first time in what may be years of hiding from your truths.

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