“Imagination is going on all the time.”

its-all-tearsMy buddy Willem3655 sent me an email with the article below.  After I read it, we had  a wonderful conversation on the phone before he went to his favorite meeting.


Needless to say this was thought provoking!

“You are more than what you think you are.” A concept I struggle with intellectually, because of the narrowness of the world view that my culture holds, is that there is energy all around us that is not energy we can “see,” with our senses.  Yet after reading the article above, I am filled with thoughts and ideas from Joseph Campbell, Hillman, Jung, Einstein and others about how narrowly I view the world.

carinablobs_hubble_960“Depression opens the door to beauty of some kind.” If I would have read that 3 years ago, I would have said Hillman was crazy.  But yet as I sit here today, I feel a sense that I have not felt in probably my whole life.  A friend from of mine from AA who I hadnt seen for a while, said last Saturday that I “seemed more peaceful,” than he had ever seen me.

Now my mind wants to reject my friend’s words and point out to you that I am not…..(fill in the blanks with my shortcomings.)  But then I remember what Campbell said when he said “The fates lead him who will, him who won’t they drag.”    I did not choose to be put in the situation I am today.  I would not have, in my right mind, chose it. I dont like depression.  I dont like not being able to live in my comfortable house with my comfortable reality of the white picket fence.

fjordYet I have no choice but to embrace it, OR IT CONTROLS ME.

Einstein says “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Yet we keep looking to the medical model to solve our mental health problems.  It isn’t working.   I love my friends who are psychiatrists and I read their blogs every chance I get.  But treating these wounds to our souls, the ones that are so deep that many of us are losing our minds, with chemicals that mask the syptoms is near sighted at best.

20131024-174341.jpg“The soul wants it’s images to be enjoyed and respected.”  What are the images of my soul. I dont know” what they look like, I can only tell you what thoughts and images come to mind.  Being on top of the mountain I have looked at and hiked up my whole life calls to me.  Being on the Trinity River in Northern California where I want my ashes to be spread talks to me.

ibergeregg-switzerlandSeeing my friends get relief from the living hell that only things like depression, being bi-polar, fibromyalgia and borderline personality can bring.  Not masking or putting off to another day with the pain full escaping that we contemplate and even manifest out of necessity every day.

I pray to the Ggods that we all get to find out what it is that we need to find out today.  That we get the love and support that we desire and need today.

123 RV, SA, PA, RW  All quotes by James Hillman unless noted.

20131101-062926.jpgfinger touching nose of baby



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