Fanatical Fog

landscapeCome in from the darkness he called. You don’t have to carry the weight he promised. Shadows no longer need to hold power and the demon will leave you be. Fear no longer needs to lead you.  Sorrow no longer needs to fill your heart. Your soul will no longer feel lost. Emptiness, worthlessness, hopelessness be gone.  Frozen in anxiety will no longer paralyze you. Self loathing will no longer allow you to wither and die. Fantasies of death will no longer plague you.
Cries for help will be heard. An open hand will reach for you. Will you take it? Is there a speck of faith remaining that you can call upon? Please help me get out of bed today.

gostinica-laplandiya-rovaniemi-finland1Please help me to connect with someone today. Please walk with me as I feel unstable. Please understand if I need extra love and care. Please show me extra kindness and patience if you can. Some days I feel fragile and alone.  Some days I feel agitated for no reason and some days I may cry for no reason. Some days I feel like I have no control. Some days I can’t express myself. Please accept me unconditionally.
The darkness comes for me quite often. I may need to be reminded to come in, I don’t deserve or belong there. And neither do you!!
Please call for me as the dark clouds and fog are on my heels.

123 RW, PA, RW, SA, JW, JM, EP



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