“Suffering tends to isolate you.”

peepingBoy isn’t that an understatment!!     I have isolated myself from the “outside,” world for a while now and am being pushed back into it by circumstances.   I appreciate that I am, because I am not as scared as I thought I would be.

My friends and most of my culture isolate and supposedly most of the people in this culture are not suffering.  If people are not suffering, then why are reality shows so popular.  Why as Bruce would say, are there “Fifty seven channels and nothing on?”

pier-montego-bay-jamaica“However, understanding of it may lift you up somewhat.” My dear friend is in the process of isolation.  He is suffering as he thinks that something is “wrong,” with him.  I thought that  I too was defective because I did three plus years of isolating.  What I am starting to see is that I am/was breaking the “karma,” that my family has carried for generations.  I am grateful that I only know three generations back on my Dad’s side and only one on my Mom’s side.  I know how troubled my forefathers and foremothers were and I dont need to know how troubled any generations beyond that were.    I have enough to know that my Dad’s Mom died in his arms when he was taking her to the hospital.  I dont need to know anymore about my grandfather and his abuse of those around him.  I experienced it firsthand.

pao-burma“In the case of psychological suffering, which always isolates the individual from the herd of so-called normal people, it is of the greatest importance to understand that the conflict is not a personal failure only, but at the same time a suffering common to all and a problem with which the whole epoch is burdened.”  This goes against what I have been taught.  A lot of people I know want to say that my depression shows that there is something wrong with me and me only.  But the more I  learn and the more I listen, I see that “we,” are suffering.  If you dont think so, then go to a mall  and watch the people walk by.*


Quotes by Carl Jung.  *My friend Brian said this to me the other day.



5 thoughts on ““Suffering tends to isolate you.”

  1. One of the biggest mistakes I have made when in the throes of suffering is to imagine that other people were happy. This is just one more way to isolate yourself and to think not only you are alone, but that others are better off.

    What I try to remind myself of now is that we live in a culture that does not know how to suffer and believes that we should never suffer. I say, “says who?”

  2. Certainly not everyone is happy all the time, but I wouldn’t call the absence of happiness as suffering anymore than I would call the absence of suffering as happiness. Think there’s a wildly swinging pendulum. Agree isolation is not good but solitude often is. God bless you Jim as you continue to recover. I pray for you often.

  3. Lots to ponder here. It is true we are all suffering but there are differences in degree and in timing. One day a person may seem to have it all and the next they are deep in the quagmire. Everyone has some suffering at some time in their lives. I don’t know a soul who does not but sometimes, when sunk in despair, it seems that everyone else is okay and we don’t want to venture into the world of “normals” because it is too painful. It is true helping someone is a way out and up and also contact with animals and nature is a natural anti-depressant.

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