“The big problem of any young person’s life is to have models to suggest possibilities.””

soaring-gull I saw Spider Man tonight.  It was wonderful to see, and more than anything, to be able to see the movie as a metaphor and see how the collective unconscious gets played out in story.  One scene that stood out for me.

Spider Man had stopped being Spider Man, and was just being his normal everyday self, after his girlfriend had died in his arms after the climactic confrontation with the evil power, Electro.  He was depressed and could not function in his life.  But another evil wrongdoer had  unleashed a new mechanized monster.  But since Spider Man was no longer willing and or able to fight evil, a young boy, who had been touched by Spider Man earlier in the movie,  put on a Spider Man outfit and went and stood in front of the evil mechanized monster.

The scene was reminiscent of the woman standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen square.

20131024-174341.jpgThe mechanized monster mocked the little boy, but didnt kill him even though he could, and then suddenly you heard the voice of Spider man.  He had come to the rescue!

What was powerful metaphorically was how the little boy had stood up to the mechanized monster.

That has always been a struggle for me.  I didnt learn to have courage as a boy.  I did the things I was “supposed,” to do but did them more out of sense of what I was “supposed,” to do it, how I was supposed to act.

I didnt believe in myself, and have struggled my whole life with that.  I just acted like I did and the depression was the tool that has allowed me to work through those issues to understand who I am and more importantly, what I do to try and get relief from the pain of the PTSD.

split-decision“Myth is much more important and true than history.” I am realizing more and more that holding on to anything in life, anything historical, does not serve me in any positive way.  I was talking with my dear friend yesterday and we were talking about the death of their mother and how they felt incomplete about it.  The  thing that came up for me was to do a ritual.  To create their own personal myth about their relationship with their mother to be able to have a symbol of the end of their relationship. To take it out of the concrete of history and put it into the mythical power of the metaphor.

“The demon that you can swallow gives you it’s power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.” I swallowed the demon of my father’s history.  I took on his pain and fear and made it my own.  We lived our lives based on some unspoken truths about who we were supposed to be even though those truths were not true.

plant-transporter-thomas-jeppesen“Gods suppressed become devils, and often it is these devils whom we first encounter when we turn inward.” It is amazing how I picked these quotes to work with today.  I have dealt with those devils for the last 3+ years.

It is time to listen to the Ggods and Ggoddesses who speak about love and kindness.  No longer do I have to listen to the God of pain and fear that is so dominant in MY culture.

Thanks Spider Man!

Quotes by Joseph Campbell.





6 thoughts on ““The big problem of any young person’s life is to have models to suggest possibilities.””

  1. Hi Jim,
    I’m sitting in a movie theater waiting for Million Dollar Arm to start. Don’t you just love the power of a good movie to help us see something of ourselves reflected back at us?
    Here’s to stories and myths! Love reading your insights here.

    • Debra,
      I am amazed that I dont continually look at everything as being nothing but a metaphor at all times.
      My best relief is in the myth, the image, the symbol and/or the metaphor.
      Hillman, Jung and Campbell knew it.
      But I get caught up in the thinking that what I am thinking is really real!!
      Silly man!

  2. Seems there are so few genuine role models these days or at least are not publicized. And the ones we have always seem flawed and disappoint us. Perhaps the mythical heroes are whom we must emulate and if we do they are no longer myths but truths.

  3. “The demon that you can swallow gives you it’s power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.” This really speaks to me today – it does seem hopeful. Thanks for sharing re demons, myths, and spider man! I don’t usually look at things in this way, and it’s a good perspective.

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