“Science has destroyed even the refuge of the inner life….”

eiger-klein-scheidegg-switzerlamdTo accept this premise means that we have to look at the fact, or the externalities, of what we do. I have a theory that we are only doing to the earth what we do to ourselves. Suppressing our personal shadow, disowning those parts of us that we try to disown hurts us individually.   We get dis-eases and addictions, etc.  By not taking into consideration all of the effects of our industrial society, we harm the earth in ways that aren’t necessarily visible or known to us at the time we do the acts that caused the harm. But we are now seeing the effects of the abuse we put onto nature.
fishing-boats-misty-morning-ajaytaoWe used to be able to go to places and get relief from the pressures of the outside world by forms of sanctuary, whether they were religious sanctuaries or familial sanctuaries or even town sanctuary’s or community sanctuaries, we had them. But since those are gone the only refuge we have is inside of ourselves. Churches are less places of sanctuary and more places of dogma.  So we are left all alone to try and make sense of, have connection to, the world.  The problem with that is everything in our external world tells us that we “need” something else to find happiness. We need to consume some thing to be satiated. That sounds like addiction.
delonix-regia-lush-green-trees-ajaytao“….What was once a sheltering haven has become a place of terror” So we are left with anxiety, fear, shame. I’m left knowing that everyone else in the world out there is better off than I am. I’m left believing that I am so defective that I need to almost wither away and not stand and be what the Ggods made me. I have beautiful vibrant, interesting, peculiar, strange, weird, freaky, different friends in the world now. What I’m learning is when we talk I find out that they think that they are so different that they are not an integral part of this thing called life also.
monique“The psychic depths are nature, and nature is creative life.” As Einstein said we have made the intuitive a slave to the rational. Creative life does not come from the rational. The manifestations of creative life can come from the rational but creative life itself does not necessarily come from thinking. You see that ad on television every once a while it says all these great businesses were started in garages. There was the intuitive part. The rational has created these huge, isolated, impersonal, associated companies and businesses that now don’t care about anything except for what you can do for them!  Hell Ben and Jerry’s got bought out by corporate America!

Quotes from Carl Jung

I am very aware that this is just a cursory look at this issue.  I invite all feedback or questioning!



3 thoughts on ““Science has destroyed even the refuge of the inner life….”

  1. hmmm… The idea of an inner life was designed by God himself. That’s where He dwells. It takes real work to get past the dogma to the inner life. I agree with you that it may look like dogma as you walk in the doors of a church. But the idea of an inner life is between you and your maker. That is something that vant be taken from you. But you can give up on the idea and therfore forfiet what canbe beautiful. Don’t give up. If you search for Him with all your heart you will find Him. BTW I love to read your blog. they are honest and thought provoking. Keep going!

    • Great points beautifully expressed. What I do to the world I do to my self. I trash it. I look the other way. I don’t get involved. I remain quiet. Time to pull out of mediocre madness.. Wonderful, thought- and action-provoking insight.

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