“You seek the path. I warn you away….”

unto-oblivion-happy-machines “…from my own. It can…be the wrong way for you.”  I had the fortune to meet a couple of new friends today.  One of them was very simple, uncomplicated and not as “interesting,”  as the other one, if you consider learning about all of the ways to live a “spiritual,” life as things that are of interest to you.

This less “interesting,” friend mentioned a few people who were active in looking to help others heal from the maladies that we seem to almost across the board have to work through.  What I learned from the interaction with this new friend was their ability to struggle with and question their own process of individuation as Jung would call this journey of attempting to be who we truly are, the journey of life.

way-aheadWhat I heard them talk about was their seeking to find their true self and how it a complex matter.  What I am learning when I interact with people who are living the life of mystery that only can be attained by individuation or the attempt at it, is that we dont get to know what it is that we “should,” be doing to get to that place where we have a little piece of mind, some contentment.

“My path is not your path therefore I cannot teach you.” Another new friend I made today was someone who was very nice and very warm.  The issue I struggled with was their use of the term, “you,” in reference what might be my path in the future.  You see, I, like Jung in the preceding quotes, dont believe I can lead anyone to a place or in a direction of where that person needs to go.

split-decisionI am grateful that one of the founders of depth psychology and of psychoanalysis believed that he did not have any answers as to where another person would need to go on this journey called life to seek what it is that we think we need.

“The way is within us, but not in Gods, nor in teachings, nor in laws. Within us is the way, the truth, and the life.” This is antithetical to our culture.  We are told that we need to follow this Ggod figure or that Ggod figure.  The longer I am around, I am more and more inclined to believe that there are Ggods.  Hundreds of em.  I am also leaning towards the position my friend Ray expressed at a “meeting,” when he said “Ggod is a transexual.”   He said this when the topic was understanding “Ggod’s will,” for us.  It got a laugh out of everyone, but as soon as he said it, I went, “aha,” maybe he is on to it!!!!

peeping“There is only one way and that is your way.”   I invite you to take the first step on that journey that is your path if you haven’t done so.  There are some very loving friends in my life, many who follow this blog and whose blogs I read, who show me that this can be done.  I am telling you that if I can do this, so can you.  Renee, Rhonda, Steve, Pam, Belinda, Theresa, Monica, Will, Martha and many of my other dear friends are doing it. I hope I am also.

123 Everyone

Quotes by Carl Jung

PostScript.  I dont like to plug others here in the blog, it is usually done on the “Resources,” page.  However, this man is one of my favorites.  His work is worth following.







2 thoughts on ““You seek the path. I warn you away….”

  1. Then there is the question of what if my life was directed by circumstances? Some of which were derived from choice, some where simply a matter of being in the right/ wrong place at said right/ wrong time. Nicely put on a very complicated subject.

  2. Spirituality is a very unique and individualized thing. I’ve been working desperately on this for quite some time now. I’ve learned a lot and I’m finding my way, slowly, but surely. I’ve still got a long way to go. I use several types of meditation, mindfulness and things like that. They all take a lot of patience and practice. The more I do them, the better I get. I don’t believe we are ever done. It can only get better, but it’s not an easy subject, as you say, my way is not your way. We each have our own way and finding that way is one hell of a job in itself. Depends on how badly we want it, I guess. Nice post. Very mind provoking.

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