Where I should be

20140909-201247-72767808.jpgWhat is the answer to where I should be

The reasons mean nothing when I can’t see

The fear that deeply hides within me

From the place where I can be free

20140909-201130-72690068.jpgI keep hiding inside of me

From the view of you all to be

Close to my soul which is wounded

By wounds that I won’t let you see

I die quietly one minute at a time

20140821-164125-60085585.jpgBecause there are no Ggods to save me from me

I don’t know how to heal theses wounds

Because the pain is too hard to bear

So I hide and I hide deep inside me

And eventually I’ll go nowhere

If I could I just would not wake up

20140909-201504-72904262.jpgAnd I pray that I get that into that space.

Where I no longer have to show my face.



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