“[O]ur psychopathology has intimate connection with our individuality,…”

alone_ This statement is scary!  I have worked hard my whole life to fit in.  It doesnt matter to me what my opinion is here, it matters what I do/did then and now.  My ideas may be “radical,” but I have always dressed like a country boy.  My favorite clothes even today are jeans and a button down flannel or cotton shirt,with the sleeves rolled up.

split-decision 1What I understand by that is  even when I was an angry,(according to Renee) pot smoking, wanna be hippy, I was still at some level accepting what was normal for my conservative, we used to call them “red-necks,” peers as far as attire.  Is it because I didn’t have the courage to be as flamboyant in my dress as I am outspoken in my opinion?   Was it something else?  How was/is it related to my emotional struggles?    When I look back on pictures of myself, I see that I was not given any opportunity to express myself until I  decided to become the rebellious, long haired, juvenile delinquent that I became.  My step mom has my senior picture and you can see that I am just emotionally gone.  Flat lined.  Not even looking into the camera
download“[S]o that our fear of being what we really are is partly because we fear the psychopathological aspect of individuality.”  If I am truly who I am individually and I dont think I am there yet, then there is a responsibility for all of what I do.  I still at some level, as I write this, am learning that there are aspects of my self that  I dont like or accept.  I am grateful to be able to say this and put it in writing.
Quotes by James Hillman “Re-Visioning. Psychology” p. 55

123 RV, SA, RW, JA.



2 thoughts on ““[O]ur psychopathology has intimate connection with our individuality,…”

  1. I think we rebel in an attempt to find our underbelly. The important thing is not to stop at rebellion, for there is a risk that we’ll think ourselves rebels and still miss what lies in the underbelly.


  2. What’s interesting is that we don’t know that were rebilling for the purpose of trying to individuate. The culture sees the rebellion as a way of nonconforming and going against the grain. I guess the sad part of it is we are doing what we are supposed to do, but we still at the core of our existence don’t trust it and we still conform no matter what. It’s a rare person who I know from when I was going up to truly individuate and still be a part of what’s going on around them

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