“Each soul at some time or another demonstrates delusions and…”

  Shasta  “…depressions, overvalued ideas, manic flights and rages, anxieties, compulsions, and perversions.”

I have a dear, dear friend who cant seem to get through the rages that overtake them.  They have tried and tried and cant seem to overcome them and the results are disastrous for them.  The told me that it blocks them from having close relationships with others.
The point that I want to make today is that the negative self talk I have given myself  my entire life for having what James Hillman sees above as something normal or expected for each of us is where the real harm takes place.
socotra-island-yemenAll of the emotions or states of being above are normal in response to the world we live in.  Now you can say that others are not harboring the same responses to their lives and I would only say that there is no one “normal,” person in the world!  Seriously, the law looks at the reasonable person and that is understandable.  We need a norm to work from as far as how people are respected as far as their sovereignty and safety.
normal1-e1385992240158But to say that there is any normal in 2014 when it comes to our emotional health is not supported in fact.  If the amount of drugs that we are taking for things like fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and similar “dis-orders,” is increasing like they report it is, then there is something systemic, there is a fundamental flaw in the way we are viewing the world and I dont mean individually.

I live in an area where the air quailty is so bad, I feel a little scratch in the back of my throat from it. A very dear friend suffers constantly from it.  Now in my mind, it is not a positive to have to live in a place that is shortening and making your life worse just to make ends meet.  But we do this everywhere.  We are killing ourselves to live.
I see so much suffering and yes, my bias is coming from that perspective.  But I did not choose this course of action to be where I am today, looking at the issues of “mental health.”  I was led here by the Ggods and am only bearing witness to what is.

123 RV, SA,  JW, RW, PA

I need no permission to give forgiveness to the person in the mirror

wolf yosemite


One thought on ““Each soul at some time or another demonstrates delusions and…”

  1. some of the drug usage is a result of marketing, a LOT of money is made by big pharma.

    Sometimes we do things against our best interest, there’s an inerta of action that can control us. Maybe those moments of rage can convince us to move or change ?

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