“One of American society’s primary methods for silencing…..”

kiss-beka15“…the wounding resulting from our collective failure to honor our needs for social-emotional bonds.”[1] I One of the things that helped me learn to be able to be closer to people was a therapy process I started when I was about 2 years sober and continued to do for about 3 years.* The reason that it was so helpful is because it didnt deal with my problems in any cognitive way or by any introduction with any intrusive modality of healing. (I didnt have to take anything.)  Our problems, collectively as well as individually, are not based on any sort of “mental problem.”  Mental problems to me are cognitive based, are about processing information, mentally.

bridesmaidMy problems have never been cognitive based.  My problems and I truly believe most of us are similar in this way, are based on what Laura Kerr calls the lack of the social-emotional bond and what AA calls the “deep seated,… emotional conflicts that persist below the level of our consciousness….” They are manifested in my lack of ability to connect with people and are not anything that can be transformed through any sort of behaviorism or pharmacological intervention.  They might be able to be arrested momentarily, but  I dont see how they can be addressed  by the methodologies offered by psychiatry or behavioral therapies where the true psychic change can’t take place sufficiently enough so that people can then seek out connection from people who are loving and supportive of others where they can truly be supported emotionally in their lives.

“Adverse childhood experiences are the number one health problems facing America today.”[2] Until we address this question, it is like putting fingers in the dike.  I try not to be declarative in much in life any longer, notice the use of the word try, but this area is one where I am convinced that we are not going to be making the world a better place for US if this situation is not addressed.

123 RV, SA, PA,  RW, JW, PH

[1] Laura Kerr. Dissociation in Late Modern America:  A Defense Against Soul? pg. 11 [2]  Id. pg. 10

finger touching nose of babyDr. Kerr states that it is the “medical model,” which is the thing that is silencing the trauma effects that I argue are the predominant reason for many  of the “mental health,” problems in our culture. This issue is too huge for a blog.  I have chosen to make this my life’s work.  If you are interested, I would invite you to read Dr. Kerr’s “Dissociation in Late Modern America:  A Defense Against Soul?

*The name of the therapy is not important and if you really want to know what it, I will send you the information if you email me at shoe1000@yahoo.com

A couple of posts to read if you are interested in different perspectives about the issue, as I am.



5 thoughts on ““One of American society’s primary methods for silencing…..”

  1. One is asked not to use the name _ _ in any public media claiming to be a member or a past participant. I may write about it and use AA and term Alcoholics Anonymous as a third party. I usually refer to it as “a 12 Step program for recovery from alcoholism”. “behaviorism or pharmacological intervention. ” Fortunately these have worked for me and the meetings give 12 years clean and sober and rewarding relationships with most people and depression management. I feel I am becoming more comfortable with things as time continues to pass. I totally agree that “Adverse childhood experiences are the number one health problems facing America today.” I spent a week a few years back at the division of domestic violence of the Miami Dade State Attorney office and remain astonished and sickened by the nature of the violence, the huge number of cases and the impact on children. The front page of today’s Miami Herald began a series wherein 477 children have been murdered by their parents(or others) and how many of these are the result of the Division of Childrens Services failure to attend to and intervene in these cases in the last 6 years. There are many complex reasons but the biggest is underfunding for overwhelming case loads.

    These childhood experience certainly leave permanent damage but in 33 years as a high school teacher in minority, low income, drug use and violence ridden schools I was amazed on how truly resilient these kids are.

  2. Hi Jim – I haven’t checked in for a while…but, wow, looks like you have quite a following now. Your sharing of your words is obviously helping others. I’m happy that you are still writing. 🙂

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