Soul search by the Fanatic

laughing-with I can easily follow the footprints
of the ghosts of yesterday.
Step once more in the mud.
Drown in the mire.
Find ecstasy in the idea of death.
No need to fit perfectly in the mold.
No need to carry expectations.
No need to be tortured by fear.
No more essence of me.
My soul has been set free.
I float above looking into tomorrow.
Sobriety keeping me on this side of sanity.
Can there be a rebirth?
Can I re-enter into simplicity?
Can there be room for uncertainty?
Modest and humble on my knees asking for serenity.
Not sure I believe in god
Questions of purpose. Is my existence a necessity?
Is there room for all of me? Up, down and in between.
Relieve me of the bondage of self and carrying on selfishly.
Allow me to rest and just be.
Not continually chasing thoughts mindlessly.
Rabbit holes so inviting.
Please help me to stop fighting.
123 RV, SA



2 thoughts on “Soul search by the Fanatic

  1. “Can there be a rebirth?” Yes.

    “Can I re-enter into simplicity?” Yes.

    “Can there be room for uncertainty?” Yes.

    “Is my existence a necessity?” Yes.

    “Is there room for all of me?” Yes.

    But you have to find your own way to the Truth.



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