“Soul enters only via symptoms”

  endless-thoughts  “A terrorist is a result of this whole long process of wiping out the psyche.” This statement is bound to be controversial considering the political times. This is where I would agree with Hillman in the here and now.  There is a part of me, not one that I am proud of but one that is there nevertheless that could do things that others would consider cold and calculated, amoral .  A friend of mine once asked me,  “If there was a last piece of bread on the earth, you would get it, wouldn’t you?”
20131016-213912.jpgI asked her why she would ask such a question and she said that she could see that part of me.  It is true.  I have a friend who is retired military and he gave me a wonderful compliment when he said that he would want me covering his back in a fight/war situation.You may say that is cold.  I agree with you.  But the longer and more we dissasociate from the soul, the psyche, our emotional self, our intutive self, no matter what you want to call it, the more that people can disconnect from being responsible for and to others.
20131021-200531.jpgWhy are we becoming that way?
“Do you see the complete harmony between central dictatorship, fascism, political callousness, and the self-centeredness of the spiritual point of view?” This kind of mentality, this righteousness that seems to permeate our culture,  and makes it easy for us to disavow those of us who are hurting more than our fellow man and woman. To make those of us who do not have the ability to function like we did before as some sort of pyriahs or people who dont have as much value as their fellow human beings.
20131021-201017.jpg“There is a secret love hiding in each problem.” This is where the individuation process is so difficult for me to stay in.  When the unconscious becomes as strong as it has been for most of the last 3.5 years, I want so bad to ask Ggod to turn back the clock to 7 years ago, when I had what I thought of at the time as a pretty great life.  (But we wont talk about how I could not keep the lid on my dis-ease, nor could I ask for help.)What does this have to do with
Quotes by James Hillman

123 RV, SA, JW



One thought on ““Soul enters only via symptoms”

  1. I wish we could turn back time for many reasons. To prevent deaths, sad situations and losses. I miss some of my past life, I had a nice home, rather than my one bedroom apt. I had a good teaching job, instead of the factory (distribution center) but I have my life! I am blessed for this! It is hard to not sometimes have regrets. I have no knowledge of the hard walk you take in your shoes, would not wish to be in them, either. Thanks for all the times you press ‘like’ on my posts. Hope I do cheer you up sometimes! You make me think and ponder! Smiles, robin

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