“There is no depth to America”*

 african-ibexWe have this outward appearance as a culture.  Striving, making the world a “better, “place to live.  Yet we have the highest rate of “mental illness,” in the world.[1]  In Depth psychological terms, there is tension between the outer world, the material success and comfort we all experience and the inner world, the reality that many, many people are suffering here in this country.
542518_4371367845415_1896363862_nThis is the area where I want to do my work.  To try and come up with a way for us to better deal with the issues that are going to tear this country apart if they are not dealt with.  I used to think that it was all about people being weak or not courageous.  Now after my breakdown, I see that the unintended and unspoken reality that has been created is something that we need to address or we will implode as a culture.  Many might say we already are, that our society has seen it’s better day.
I dont know about that.  What I do know is that many of the people I know are suffering.  Some of them know it, and then there are those like me who denied it until they had a breakdown. They say that “mental illness,” is going to increase by a lot in the next 10 years.  I hope not, but I dont see it changing as long as we keep living in the mode that we are.
What  I am talking about is the need for us to create a place where the people who suffer get some help, some relief.  I am not just talking about by ingesting synthetic compounds to get relief.
easy-landing-alaskaUntil we start to openly deal with the dis-ease that is becoming more and more prevalent in this culture, we are going to have break downs, dissociations, depressions and worse.
I don’t like thinking like this.  But the more and more I hear about the increase in prescriptions for drugs and the more I see people suffer, the more I see something like this being a real possibility.
123 RV, SA
20131101-063008.jpgwolf yosemite
*I was listening to sports talk radio this afternoon as I was driving and I heard a fan say this.  I immediately thought that this is what I want to talk about.  The fan was talking about Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the losing team and how people were saying he was a failure because his team didn’t win the Super Bowl.

One thought on ““There is no depth to America”*

  1. It’s a noisy world sometimes and we’re speeding along faster and faster…

    I try to remind myself that it has taken us a long time to get this messed up, it’ll probably take a long time to unravel it all and put it back together. I’m glad you’re here, doing your part!

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