So you think you are crazy?

jess and OatiePlease, if you could, look at this link before you read this post. It will take a few moments to read it, but if you think you are so amazingly different than anyone else, it might assuage your neurosis a little.

african-ibexI didnt know of any funny way to ask this. I couldnt find some big Hillman, Jung or Campbell words that I wanted to use to get the point across, even though I looked. My friends know that I dont like saying something in 10 words that I can say in 3. So I said it as succinctly as I could.

You see, when I am talking with my friends there are times I am pummeling myself with my thinking at the same time. You know that silent little voice with my own self doubt, the negative self talk, and basically self hatred. Why, because I think that I am the craziest person who is on the face of the earth and if you REALLY knew how crazy I was, you would have me committed, arrested, hell, or at the least, I should have been sterilized!

children-playing-in-rainYou see, that is what I think should happen to me. That is what suicidal ideation, or in my case usually homicidal ideation is in my opinion. I think I should be locked up so I dont kill everyone in the world.
I haven’t been able to walk through my depression as “quick,” as I would like to. I know that most people think that this is a life long dis-ease. I keep telling myself that it wont be. Denial maybe?

secret-hideout-ajaytao“I can no longer distinguish clearly between neurosis of self and neurosis of world” James Hillman said this. He was talking about himself as much as he was talking about you and I. I guess the point I am trying to get across to you is that two of the leading psychologists of the last century knew and experienced their own mental health issues.

Why do we think that if the leaders in the field of mental health can have mental health issues, that we cant? Worse yet, why do I think that my crazy is crazier than yours, or Hillman’s or Jung’s?

That is the best anecdotal evidence that I can give anyone about mental health. Two of the giants in the field of mental health were nuts!!! Dont even get me started on Freud!!

123 RV, SA



One thought on “So you think you are crazy?

  1. Great point and supportive advice to those who suffer from depression. You are always ‘there’ for me, silent but caring to read my posts and I appreciate this so much! Hugs, Robin

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