Its been a long time comin’ *

Bruce_Springsteen_01“Well if I had one wish for you in this god forsaken world, kid
It’d be that your mistakes will be your own
That your sins will be your own”

Wouldnt it  be a wonderful world!  The sins we are carrying, at least me, are those of unfulfilled lives of those who brought me here and raised me.  Sorry, gotta say it like I see it.  I see the children of the world today and I wonder how they are going to work through the issues we are giving them.

finger touching nose of babyWhen I look at “Pointy boy,” to the right here or above you if you are reading on a handheld,  I see the joy of life that we come here with.  I see the priceless joy of just being, not acting.

Then I think about the reality of many I read about and many I know.  Is it just that I am focused on this aspect of the world?  “Mental health,” issues?  Yes I have my own issues, but am I seeing a canary singing in a coal mine, or am I seeing another illusion my mind has set up to try and make me safe? Are the issues as real, or am I projecting my fear onto the world?

You see, it being safe is killing me.  Literally and metaphorically as well.  Trying to see the world as some finite thing that evolves around me and me only is not healthy for me.

2-11-13-rose-jpegI am in the depths of writing the two papers that I have to write for my classes.  It is hard to watch Apocalypse Now and not get down.  I know it is something I need to write about. It is my favorite movie of all time.  I connect to it.  Why?  (rhetorically)

As you can tell I have more questions than answers.  I think we all do, dont we?

Feeling a little lost and scattered here today.  Dont know why.

Well I am out of here if I am not going to be the “brainiac,” as the Fanatic calls me!

123 RV, SA, JW

All of the photos of flowers are by my friend Carol at RadiatingBlossom  Please visit her blog, it contains beauty and wisdom!

*Bruce Springsteen Long Time Comin



5 thoughts on “Its been a long time comin’ *

  1. I totally relate to the scattered feelings sometimes.

    Your post reminded me something I wrote on my blog,

    “I’ve learned, for me, the act of living, I mean TRULY living, not just existing and going through the motions, is an act of courage. Love itself is an act of bravery.”

    It’s hard to thrive in the presence of deep soul wounds and traumatic injury that left me with some very real health problems, but I am determined to, as best I can, to thrive.

    Good luck getting your papers done. I’m thinking it would be interesting to read them, so after you turn them in, you could publish them to SCRIBD so your readers can read them too. If of course, you’d feel up to it.


  2. Hey Jim, you actually sound a bit better. I agree with your premise. If it were only are sins and shortcomings we had to deal with, it wouldn’t be so hard. Think about me in the next few days. I have a nephew that is coming home to Michigan from Ohio at my encouragement. He’s lost his job, lost connection with his children and significant other. Talking suicide. His family is here. His mom and dad (my brother) are divorced. He will be staying with his mom. I’m glad he felt he could call me but I am worried about him I felt he needed a “safe” place and to be surrounded by people who care. Hopefully I can get him some help. Any thoughts? (If you respond on my blog, be as general as you can as his mother follows my blog or just e-mail me.) Good luck writing today.

    • Dear Friend,
      The thing I try to do for anyone, and that is people who are on “top,” as well as those who are on the “bottom,” is to listen to them. I heard somewhere that every person’s story NEEDS to be heard. Not listened to through the filter of my experience so that I can tell them what they NEED to hear, but to truly be heard for what it is. Their truth.
      My best advice, and the painter, who is my dear friend in AA, came up with last year as the spiritual axiom of the year was “I don’t know,” when someone tells me a story and anticipates I am going to tell them what to do, or when someone asks me what they should do.
      Please, he NEEDS love and acceptance,(if he is anything like me,) and a hug is more profound than a bit of advice of how he should deal with the external world.
      It sounds like his inner world is hell. I have empathy for him.
      I hate to sound trite, but Paul was right when he said, “Love is all we need.”

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